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Ministry of Agriculture hosts Health Fair

Minister of Agriculture checks out one of the booths at today's health fair (Photo: MOA)

In observance of Agriculture month, the Agri Ministry collaborated with the Health Ministry to host a health fair signifying the importance of health across both sectors.

Today the Ministry of Agriculture, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, hosted a health and wellness fair at its Regent Street office.

Scenes from today's health fair (Photo: MOA)

Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha says this health fair is symbolic of the Ministry's focus on safe and healthy practices within the sector and now towards persons involved in the sector in any capacity.

“We always take health concerns and health issues very seriously. That is why we are trying as much as possible to instil in our farmers in handling chemicals and other agriculture input. And here you can se; also, we are stressing the importance of health check-ups.”

The event forms part of the ministry’s Agriculture Month 2022 activities which are being observed under the theme ‘Championing Food Security through Innovation, Investment, and Resilience'.

Scenes from today's health fair (Photo: MOA)

Agriculture Minister Mustapha added that promoting good health has always been at the forefront of the government.

He said in order to have a strong agriculture sector Guyana needs to have a healthy workforce.

“As a productive stakeholder in this country, you know the Ministry of Agriculture we produce a lot of food and other commodities, so we want to ensure the stakeholders in the Ministry of Agriculture are healthy. We promote these health checkups and we’re promoting a healthy way of living."

Persons who participated in today’s event benefited from a range of services which included blood pressure testing, oral health checks, BMI testing, blood sugar testing, HIV/AID testing, as well as discussions on mental health and cancer just to name a few.

Other activities in observance of agriculture month will be a Women and Youth Agriculture Symposium on Friday at Tain Campus, Berbice, followed by the 16th Annual Berbice Expo and Trade Fair under the theme “Advancing Food Security Through Agricultural Sustainability and Innovation”.


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