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Miner, 24, dies after being pinned by fallen tree

Dead: Troy Prudencio

A miner was killed on Saturday at Gold Finger Landing after a tree fell and pinned him. Dead is 24-year-old Troy Prudencio of Lethem, Region 9. The tragedy struck just about 13:22h.

The Guyana Police Force’s (GPF) Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said that Prudencio and two other workers - ages 31 and 25, were in a camp cooking when several gusts of heavy winds were heard, followed by the sound of a tree falling.

Prudencio and the other two workers scampered to get out of the camp, but the 24-year-old miner did not make it out, resulting in him being pinned by the tree.

The other two workers immediately removed the tree that pinned their co-worker, and he was found motionless. Notwithstanding, he was picked up and taken to the Aurora Gold Mine, where he was pronounced dead on arrival at about by a doctor.

The body was examined, and it was observed that he had multiple injuries. Investigations are in progress.


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