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Mental Health Bill tabled in the National Assembly

Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony on Wednesday tabled the Mental Health Bill of 2022 in the National Assembly.

This bill is intended to replace the Mental Health Ordinance of 1930 under which care is currently being provided to persons.

This new piece of legislation seeks to address the mental health problem in Guyana and will see the establishment of a Mental Health Board. “A bill intitled an act to provide mental health care and treatment for persons with mental illnesses and to protect, promote and fulfil the human rights of these persons during the delivery of mental health care.”

The Health Minister in the past had explained that the Mental Health Ordinance of 1930 was problematic as the terminology used to describe the different types of mental health illnesses was outdated.

A Suicide Prevention Bill is also in the works which seek to decriminalise attempted suicide in Guyana.

Currently, under the Criminal Law (Offences) Act, a person who attempts to commit suicide commits a misdemeanour and shall be liable to 2 years imprisonment.


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