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Men who have sex with men are more vulnerable to monkey pox-Health Minister

Men who are engaged in sexual activities with other men are more vulnerable to contract monkey pox. This is according to Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony who was speaking on Friday’s Covid 19 update.

Though Guyana has not yet recorded any cases of the highly transmissible monkey pox, Minister Anthony said that his team at the will be working to sensitise men in this subset.

“We have seen an increase among men who have sex with men […] Therefore we have to alert this group because they can potentially be more vulnerable,” he said.

Additionally, he noted that persons above the age of 40 are more prone to contract this virus since they are not yet able to benefit from a vaccine for small and monkey pox.

The Health Minister highlighted that this virus can be contracted through skin to skin contact but it can be self-monitored.

In the meantime a committee has been established at the health ministry to provide information to institutions on this pox.

The first case of monkey pox was recorded in Jamaica in early July. Barbados shortly after confirmed the presence of the disease there also.

Monkey pox is a viral disease that usually present mild to moderate symptoms. The symptoms include headache, fever, and back pain.


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