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Medex students raise Breast Cancer awareness with Health Walk and Fair

Health Fair set up at the Nurses Annex in Kingston

Health students, including many students from Hinterland regions, conducted a breast cancer awareness health walk and mini health fair earlier today.

In this morning’s Health Walk, Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony addressed the students gave statistics on cancer. The students also made banners to raise awareness, chanted slogans such as “early detection saves lives” and tokens were given out as well.

The Walk was followed by the health fair where medical and nursing students provided breast examinations, Visual inspection with acetic acid, nutrition advice, adolescent health education, men’s and women’s health education, mental health sensitisation, blood pressure testing, blood donation, HB and RBS testing.

Adolescent Health Booth

Coordinator of the Medex Training Programme in Health Science Education at the Ministry of Health Sarah Daniels said this initiative was a valuable opportunity for the students who were able to experience interacting with the public and educating them about healthcare.

“Most of these students actually come from the Hinterland communities. They actually showcase their talent, togetherness, team spirit teamwork, and so forth. And with that they tried to create that messages, whether on the banners or on the placards to go out there… to create that awareness among our population.”

Coordinator of the Medex Training Programme Chandroutie Persaud further added that many of the students are set to graduate soon, and as such, these health fairs give them a small taste of the field of work they will be getting into.

The coordinators noted that they received an overwhelming response from Kingston Residents and other members of the public who came out to take advantage of the initiative.

Members of the public seek advisory on nutrition counselling at Health Fair

Persaud says today’s activities focused as well on making an impact that will benefit persons beyond the day’s events.

“After the activity, it’s not about this month only but it’s a continuous awareness programme that we’re trying to push through our students as well who will be there out in the fields after a few months when they graduate in their respective programmes and join the health force.”


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