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Many underage electric bike users ‘alarming’, seeking advice from Legal Affairs – Traffic Chief

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Traffic Chief Superintendent Dennis Stephen

The Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Department continues to be challenged with stray animals, drinking and driving, and an alarming number of persons using electric bikes on the roadways, especially in Region Six and Three.

During an episode of ‘Police and You,’ Traffic Chief Superintendent Dennis Stephen said he had observed many underage persons using these electric bikes on the roadways.

“Our law indicates that a person at 16 can have a driver’s licence. What I observed is that persons who are below that age are using the electric motorcycle,” the traffic chief stated.

He said it is not advisable for persons to be using these bikes on the roadways since it is very difficult to prosecute when a fatal accident has occurred.

“It’s very dangerous; especially persons who are involved in accidents, injuries may cause death or serious injuries. In most times, the police have challenges that we seek legal advice and most times it would be private action because laws are not catered for those cycles.”

In the meantime, the Force is engaging the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and the Ministry of Legal Affairs (Attorney General’s Chambers) on how this issue can be addressed, as the Laws of Guyana do not cater to this type of vehicle at this time.

“We’re also seeking advice from the Ministry of Legal Affairs to see what can be done […], but I will say this, in many countries, those electric bikes are banned, and they are used for the purpose of industrial locations to and fro within an industrial space,” the Traffic Chief explained.

Meanwhile, the traffic department has recorded a slight decrease in fatal accidents for 2022. Superintendent Stephen said there were 59 fatal accidents so far compared to 61 last year.

He is urging patrons to work collectively to address this issue as he noted that the traffic department could not fix this issue alone.


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