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Man shot at Timehri Bus Park by Police rank claims that police report is not telling the real story

-Says he was shot on first discharge

Colin Cumberbatch

Colin Cumberbatch, a 28 year old conductor on Sunday got into an exchange of words with Sherwin Ariwa, a vendor over the changing of money.

Police Headquarters in a report said that Ariwa went to the 42 bus park and inquired about changing a $5000 when Cumberbatch told him to move from near his bus. An argument began which quickly escalated into a scuffle, during which the vendor armed himself with a beer bottle and hit Cumberbatch to his forehead.

It was then that Cumberbatch stabbed Ariwa to his left side with a pair of scissors.

A police rank who intervened, saw both parties armed with a scissor and beer bottle respectively and warned them to not fight. It is then reported that Cumberbatch did not heed the policeman's order and continued arguing and went to a nearby shop and armed himself with a cutlass and ran towards Ariwa saying that he “is going to kill him.”

As a result of this, the rank discharged a round in the air, but still Cumberbatch did not stop. It was then he shot the conductor in his left foot.

But Cumberbatch in an interview with a social media news agency said he remembers the series of events differently than they are being reported by the Police Force.

Instead, Cumberbatch said he was making loud noises with his bike when Ariwa walked up to him and punched him in his face saying that he was disrespectful considering he was on the phone with his wife in the said area the man was making noise. It was then that things escalated.

“He get out of control, I get out of control he end up draw a jooker I end up getting a blade we end up meet on the pave. When we meet on the pave he saying that I go kill you. I say is best we kill one another because me ain’t giving away me life..”

He continued “in the heights of that I hear a shot and when I hear the first gunshot I fall to the ground, second gun shot I hear in the air I end up and they carry me and I had to do surgery to the foot.”

The man said he has since given his statement to the police regarding the scuffle but all they said was that “they go call me.”

But the question remains in the man’s mind “I still want know why Smith shoot me in my foot.”

To this end, the man said he is not satisfied with how the police are treating the matter and maintains that he is not a bully.


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