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Man's throat slit during fight in New Amsterdam

The Police in Berbice are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a New Amsterdam man whose throat was slit by another male identified only as Jermaine.

The incident took place at about 11:45 hours at Pope and Main Streets New Amsterdam today.

According to information received, the suspect and the accused had a misunderstanding which led to a fight on the main road. The deceased armed himself with a mop stick and was beating the suspect who had a knife in a haversack he had on his back at the time.

The suspect then pulled out the knife and slit the deceased's throat. Police were called to the scene to conduct an investigation after which the body of the dead man was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Upon arrival at the scene, crime scene investigators were seen questioning eyewitnesses. MTV’s team also observed a large pool of blood on the corner of the road.

More details to follow.


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