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Man in need of urgent $10M brain surgery; Family appeals to citizens to assist in raising funds

Thirty one year-old Sunil France of Better Hope East Coast Demerara urgently needs a brain surgery to save his life. His wife and father are urging the public to help in whatever way to raise $10M to offset the cost of surgery that can be performed in Colombia.

Sunil France was diagnosed with brain cancer in November 2021 and he lived his life normally until his condition became worse earlier this year.

The Ministry of Health has donated $1M and other persons have raised funds; however, the amount raised is nowhere close to the $10M that is needed to save Sunil’s life.

Tricia and Sunil before his condition worsened.

His wife, Tricia France spoke to MTV News Update on Thursday who related that it has been hard providing and taking care of her husband, as she is the sole breadwinner since her husband can no longer help himself.

She is pleading with citizens to help her raise the funds needed, ”We would like to ask the general public, no matter how small it is, you don’t have to get a big amount, if you have $1000 and a hundred other people have $1000 it will still amount to something.”

“Also I would like to ask our President, our Opposition reach out to us in love and in mercy that we can be able to reach the amount of money that we can be able to carry Sunil and get the surgery done. It’s not being done in Guyana, I cannot do it on my own,” his emotional wife expressed.

She described him as a person who always made her and his family laugh in the happier and healthier times.

Sunil in happier times.

“Seeing him in a condition like this not being able to wake up, not being able to speak, not being able to be his normal self, it’s hard. He was the life of the party, wherever he is, he makes everybody laugh.”

Sunil’s father, Phillip France while barely holding back tears told MTV News Update said that it breaks his heart to see his son in this condition.

Phillip Francis.

He said after the death of his wife in 2008, his son always looked after him in whatever way he could and now he cannot do that.

“I must say I feel grief in my heart to see that how my son lie down on the bed because he’s not somebody like this. He grow so healthy and in this time I see how my son just on the bed and just lying down all the time it grief my heart.”

“I always said I don’t have money to help him to go out and do the surgery, but I pray to god, you make a way, some way, you make a way for us.”

Persons who are willing to assist this family can deposit money at the Demerara Bank in Account number 2018927 or contact the family on +592-683-5351.

You can also assist in supporting Tricia’s small business by placing orders at Christina Kiss Delight, as it is her main source of income.

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