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Man gunned down in Leopold Street

Twenty four year old Carlos Waithe was fatally shot on Monday morning at Leopold and Breda Streets while he was reportedly trying to break up a fight between his friends.

When News Update visited Carlos’ grieving cousin, Shona Romaine who described herself as a mother-figure for the deceased, the woman could not contain her emotions.

According to Shona,

"(she) tell he not to go back on the road and he didn’t listen. He should have left them that trigger happy…it take my one and only."

The grieving Shona told News Update

"a friend call he mother and tell she he dead he get shoot up in Leopold street I get a call about 4 o’clock that they shot my baby my one and only baby now what I go do they shoot he to he head."

Carlos operated a pawn shop located at his residence in Norton Street Werk-En-Rust.

When asked what type of person Carlos was, all his friends and family said he was a loving and hardworking person who was always willing to help others.

The shooter is yet to be arrested and identified. Meanwhile, police have launched an investigation into the matter.


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