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Man barges into school with cutlass to attack woman

Students and teachers from the Bohemia Primary School at No. 19 Village on the Corentyne are traumatised after a man armed with a cutlass barged into the school compound to attack a female this morning.

The incident took place at about 8:30 hrs.

One parent, Vanessa Baker told MTV News Update that she was at the school to drop her child when she was alerted by a teacher that a man was at the gate with a cutlass in his hand waving it.

She recalled that a 10-day worker who was at the gate at the time tried to intervene but the man brandished the cutlass at this individual who then retreated. The armed male who was believed to be under the influence of alcohol at the time, made his way into the school building where he began using indecent language and calling out for the female he was looking for.

Baker related that the man then proceeded to where the woman parked her electric bike and began chopping it before leaving the compound.

The police were called to the scene, but parents are contending that they took almost an hour to arrive at the scene. They are also pleading with the relevant authority to appoint a day guard at the school compound.

“We would have made several request for the school to have a day guard but until now we can't get one here, this incident could have been worst and the children are scared. My child is complaining that he is scared so I will have to take him home back”

The police are currently at the school conducting an investigation.


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