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Man accuses brother of setting his West Ruimveldt home on fire

Part of the building on fire

A fire erupted this morning at Lot 389 Corlita Street, West Ruimveldt leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. Eyewitnesses told MTV News Update that they saw smoke emerging from the house and contacted the Guyana Fire Service (GFS), whom they said responded promptly to the scene.

According to them, the fire may have erupted from an illegal connection, but Shamar Daniels, who is one of the occupants residing in the one-storey house, said this is not the case.

“They ain’t got no current in the house right now cause them man cut off the current about two weeks ago since me mother (die), so I now start working back to refurnish the house and everything. So I leave everything here normal, no fire couldn’t start with no electrical problem or nothing…and me brother is the person who had to start the fire,” Daniel said while speaking to reporters on the fire scene.

According to the young man, his brother had attempted to set the house on fire in the past. The man said that he had managed to obtain a restraining order, saying that his brother was not allowed anywhere near the house, but he (the brother) has breached the order several times, and the police are not doing anything about it when reported.

Shamar Daniels

The young man related that he was at work when he received the news that his mother’s house, where he resides, was on fire.

When asked about his estimated losses, Daniels could not provide a figure but said that he had his salary and other household appliances that he had purchased just a few weeks ago.

“It got new brand toilet, new brand tile, and everything to refurnish the house. Is Friday I already call the people to repair the window. Only yesterday I get pay too; I work for three weeks and me money also inside, it was like $65,000 cause is $73,500 I had, and I had to pay this man over here so cause I borrow some money from he and I had to deduct some from it.”

Looking to the future, the man said he has no place in mind to go at this moment.

His sister Alpha Daniels, who also lives in the house, said she is still in shock and despair.

Two fire trucks were on the scene and managed to save some parts of the concrete structured house.


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