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"Make use of institutions when coming to Guyana" - President tells Guyanese living in Los Angeles

President Ali engaging the diaspora. [Photo: Office of the President]

President Irfaan Ali has told Guyanese living in the United States of America that Guyana needs them more than ever as the country undergoes rapid transformation.

While Guyana’s rapid development has presented abundant investment opportunities, the Head of state has urged Guyanese living in Los Angeles, California, to visit and tap into other institutions.

The Head of State made this comment following the IX Summit of the Americas, which was held last week.

President Ali pointed out instances where most persons from the diaspora only want to meet with him when seeking or exploring investment opportunities locally.

“They would only want to speak with the President, and then when they come, they would say, Oh, we want to invest in this. Did you submit your proposal to Go Invest? No. Did you meet with the sector? No," he told the gathering.

In this regard, President Ali made it clear that they must utilise and go through the various institutions. “We cannot build a country if we do not build institutions, we have to allow the institutions to work, and you have to make use of the institutions.”

In addition, Dr. Ali clarified that they must not expect change while living in foreign countries.

“But sometimes we get lazy…sometimes we are in the diaspora, and we believe that we can stay from far away and be part of the change. If you want to investment like any other country, you have to come, you have to make your own assessments, you have to do your own surveys,” the Head of State said.


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