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Major increase in rape cases in Region 5 from January to May 2022 compared to 2021- Commander Simon

Police authorities in Division Five (Region Five) have recorded a major increase in rape cases in 2022 compared to cases recorded last year from January to May 31st. This is according to the Divisional Commander for this region, Kurleigh Simon.

He made this disclosure during a recent episode of the programme ‘Police and You’.

Commander for Division Five Kurleigh Simon

According to Commander Simon, “We have a 300% increase in rape comparatively of the 31st of May last year there were three reported rape, as of the 31st of May this year, there are twelve reported rape cases.”

He explained that these cases involve children, both males and females, below the age of consent .

“Because of those 12 reported cases, 10 are of a statutory rape nature meaning the female is below the stipulated age of consent and she’s involved in sexual activity.”

The police are countering this issue by providing sensitisation in the various schools. However, Commander Simon stressed that more organisations, including religious bodies and other stakeholders need to get on board to address this critical issue.

“I could only appeal to parents to be more vigilant with your children, particularly with their daughters and ask that the wider community take on the responsibility of giving good guidance to our teenage children.”


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