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Major accident closes Demerara Harbour Bridge until further notice

The Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation on Saturday morning announced that it will be closed to vehicular traffic until further notice after a fuel tanker crashed into the bridge, resulting in severe damage to the structure.

This accident comes just over a month after a Tug and Barge slammed into the floating structure.

In a statement, the Corporation said that while there is no indication as to when the bridge will reopen to vehicular traffic, repair works are ongoing.

“The duration of the maintenance works is uncertain at this time, but the public will be notified if any changes as they occur,” the Harbour Bridge said in a Facebook post.

While the Ministry of Public Works apologised to the travelling public for the inconvenience caused, it noted that it is exploring the possibility of using barges to ferry vehicles between Georgetown and the West Bank Demerara.

Due to the fact that the Harbour Bridge is the main thoroughfare over the Demerara River, persons who must travel from the West Side to Georgetown are urged to utilise the water taxis.

“As for those needing to use the East Bank Highway beyond the Princess Hotel, you are urged to use the Mandela/ Eccles Road Links to avoid the current congestion at the DHB,” the statement concluded.

Only March last, a tug and barge crashed into the bridge, dislocating a pontoon anchoring chain.


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