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M&CC ‘prepared’ for the May/June rainy season – Acting City Engineer

In 2021, several regions and the capital city were inundated as the country grappled with the May -June rainy season.

In light of this, News Update on Thursday spoke with the Acting City Engineer Kenson Boston to find out if the Georgetown Mayor and City Council will be prepared for the May/June rainy season this year.

City Engineer (ag) Kenson Boston

“Our pumps are all functional and the sluices are functional, right now we are pumping water,” Boston said.

According to the Acting City Engineer inspections will be done regularly to ensure that the pumps remain operational. However, Mr Boston said there will be some amount of flooding due to Georgetown being below sea levels.

“If you look around, you’ll see that they (M&CC) have already started draining the canals and also some drains.”

The Government is also preparing for the May/June rain. Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha, who is responsible for this, on Monday said all drainage structures, sluices and pumps are operational.

The Ministry has also assigned three engineers to monitor all the city’s pumps and sluices after it was discovered that there were several non-operational pumps and closed sluices during last year.

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha.

“I’m not taking chances there too, we’re having our engineers to monitor these pumps, monitor these outfalls and looking at those so that they can report on a real-time basis what are some of the problems we are having and where we can make an intervention,” he had said.


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