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M&CC $2B deficit budget approved

Following a series of consultations, the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) was able to approve its budget valued in excess of $2 billion dollars. This was revealed by the Mayor of Georgetown, Ubraj Narine.

However, the Mayor pointed out that this year's budget is a "deficit:" one, meaning that its "expenditure exceeds the budget."

Mr Narine pointed out that "there is a shortcoming this year in terms of our revenue".

The budget exceeds a cost of over $79 million dollars while noting that salaries amounted to over $1 billion dollars.

He said "in 2021 we had to make a decision to abolish the general work section, the security guard section and the daycare section" while pointing out "the council made that decision, however, that decision currently sit with the Local Government Commission"

In simpler terms, Mr Narine was explaining that the budget would have been balanced if the Local Government Commission had acted in a timely manner.

When question aroused as to where the council planned to get this money the Mayor responded and said "the council have made a decision to write to the Local Government Minister asking for help"

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