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Loss-to-follow up programme to be expanded to other regions

- will ensure HIV patients remain consistent with their meds - Dr. Jagnarine

Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony during his COVID-19 update on Tuesday said the coronavirus 19 pandemic has been affecting the delivery of treatment to persons living with HIV.

Minister Anthony said

“during the pandemic, several of them did not come back for treatment."

News Update spoke to Programme Manager at the National Aids Programme Secretariat (NAPS), Dr. Tariq Jagnarine who said measures are in place to ensure HIV patients receive their medication.

According to Dr. Jagnarine, there is a Loss-to-follow up programme in Region Four currently, that is assessing the number of HIV patients who have not returned for their medication, so that systems could be put in place.

”Once the Government of Guyana budget has passed, we'll be able to ramp up more of the loss to follow up programmes in the hinterland and at the same time host delivery of the ARV,"

he said.

Programme Manager at the National Aids Programme Secretariat, Dr. Tariq Jagnarine

Region Four has the highest prevalence of HIV in Guyana.

NAPS is also working with Non-Governmental Organisations and Civil Societies to have a central spot where persons can pick up their antiretroviral medication (ARVS) or have it delivered to them.

“while doing that too, we’ll come up with ways where we can get the much-needed ARV towards these patients, whether it’s through multi drug dispensation, you can come and get 4 months to 6 months drug at one time,

the doctor explained.

Meanwhile, only 3, 839 persons living with HIV have been vaccinated against COVID-19.


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