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Local MMA fighters set sights on World Championship

MMA Coach Troy Bobb

Local Mixed Martial artists have already begun training in hopes of representing Guyana at the IMMAF World Championships later this year.

Some of Guyana’s top MMA fighters have recently returned from the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) Pan American Championships. This was Guyana’s first showing at the event.

Through Carl Ramsey and Shenese Bobb, Guyana also received our first male and female medals at an IMMAF event. The ranks brought home two silver medals.

Trevlon Clarke was the third and final member of the team whose bout was ruled a TKO on his part when his match was controversially stopped in the third round.

Despite not medalling at the event, Coach Troy Bobb noted that he was impressed with Clarke’s performance.

“There’s so much to work on and we have already started to work on it. There’s some seriousness we have to put into practice where the ranks have to realise, or the athletes have to realise, well look, this is what we want to accomplish for the next event leading up to the World tournament.”

He was at the time speaking from KFC’s head office where the team paid a courtesy visit to Marketing Manager Pamela Manasseh, thanking the franchise for supporting the team’s participation in the event.

(from left) Shenese Bobb, Pamela Manasseh, Carl Ramsey

Coach Bobb prepared the team for the Pan Am Championship and has already begun working with local fighters to prepare for the World Championships, for which the date is still to be set.

“We’re gonna need to push Clarke to go to the extra mile.”

“Mat work, we’re working on mostly ground work since we got back. We’re trying to get the ground work further for the athletes.”

Acting Commissioner of Police Clifton Hicken also praised the athletes on their performance when he met with them earlier today.

The most recent World Championships in Abu Dhabi was Guyana’s first time competing in an IMMAF event. We were at the time represented by Ijaz Cave and Corwin D’Anjou.


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