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Leh We Go: Local company looks to solve taxis woes with “Book A Ride”

One of Book A Ride cars [Photo: Book A Ride/ July 17, 2022]

“No cabs available at the moment” or “I en get no car now, give me 15 minutes nah.” These are some of the challenges commuters face on a daily basis while attempting to solicit a cab.

However, “Book A Ride,” a new transportation company, is looking to change this by allowing passengers to connect with drivers right from the palm of their hands using the company’s app.

The company’s Public Relations and Marketing Manager, Jocelle Archibald, explained that Guyanese businessman Ken Deocharran conceptualised the business.

“It all started when our CEO Ken Deocharran who travels all over the world, noticed it was a hassle to get a taxi here in Guyana and wondered if there could be an easier way to ‘book a ride’ from your smart device with excellent customer service, and this was how Book A Ride came about,” Archibald noted.

According to Archibald, the company attracted a large number of applications from Region 4, but the aim is to ensure that persons across Guyana can tap into the service.

With Book A Ride, drivers have the freedom of setting their hours and getting support throughout each destination.

“It allows customers (passengers) to track destinations, multiple payment options, and, most importantly, security,” the PR & Marketing Manager posited while highlighting that drivers will be given a percentage from every ride and will not be charged a base fee.

The business will have a grand launch on August 5, featuring Dancehall Superstar Jada Kingdom and Soca Sensation Nessa preppy alongside popular local singers at the Tower Poolside.

The following day, the company will be having a parade featuring its various cars, and Archibald urged persons to “come out, vibe with us and, look at some of the different modes of transportation and see what else Book a ride has to offer.”

The Book A Ride app can be found on the App or Play Stores and can be identified by its patriotic colours: red, yellow, and green.

Once the app is downloaded, you will be required to sign up, and once that is completed, you can book a ride. It will show your location and the option to put in your destination.

“There is a ‘book now’ and ‘book later’ option. If you want to book now, you click Book now; it then asks you to select your vehicle of choice, ranging from barX barXl and bar comfort,” Archibald explained.

Once you have booked your ride, the driver’s information will pop up on the screen, so you don’t have to wonder if this “Is this my car,” Archibald said.

“When you arrive at your destination, there are several payment options available cash, credit card, and, pretty soon, MMG,” the PR & Marketing Manager expressed.

She continued, “You may ask about the rate; know that once you book a ride, our prices are the best around town no one can beat our prices. You can also rate our drivers and rate our services right on the app.”

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