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Learning Pods, Stem Clubs revived after pandemic hiatus

Learning Pod scholars from St Ignatius studying math and technology (Photo: STEM Guyana)

After many of STEM Guyana’s after school initiatives went dormant during the pandemic when learning went virtual, learning pods are now active again in 40 locations.

One of the main widespread impacts of the covid-19 pandemic was global learning loss, where remote and poor communities were worst affected.

In Guyana, communities farther from the coastal regions with limited access to technology also struggled when learning became virtual.

Learning Pod scholars in West Canje (Photo: STEM Guyana)

Initiatives such as STEM Guyana’s Learning Pods and STEM clubs are crucial at this time to provide education in robotics and coding as well as project based learning, problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking and encouraging creativity and innovation in all students free of cost.

Dominic Budhan, Administrative Assistant at STEM Guyana touted efforts to aggressively revive pods and clubs that went dormant during the period of school closure during the pandemic.

“The learning pods, we currently have a strong relationship with IDB, and they help out a lot with getting the pods across. We’re always open to any donations and stuff like that for the pods cause whether it be cleaning supplies, tablets, laptops, all those things … are needed for the learning pods so we’re always happy to take them.”

STEM Guyana’s Learning Pod programme is sponsored by the IDB, Tullow Oil & ‘Friends of STEM Guyana’ in the Diaspora while anyone else who would like to give support can contact

Learning Pod scholars in Byderaboo (Photo: STEM Guyana)

With outreaches done over the past several weeks, learning pods are now active in 40 locations across 10 regions in communities such as Lima Sands, Port Kaituma, Silver City, Wisroc, Byderaboo, Queenstown and Parika.

National library STEM club in action (Photo: STEM Guyana)

Budhan stated that with STEM clubs now being reactivated, there are further plans to enhance these youth initiatives.

“Once we have these clubs back up and running we would like to have some national competitions and have prizes and all that. It keeps the kids motivated, it’s not just opening a club and you just coming and build and that’s it. We have plans, just to get some of them going.”


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