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Labour Ministry proposes to train 5,700 persons for BIT

"We want more people to utilize training" -Minister Hamilton

As part of the Government’s agenda to enhancing and equipping Guyanese with the requisite skills needed to function in the developing economy, the Ministry of Labour is looking to increase the Board of Industrial Training capacity.

This is according to Labour Minister, Joseph Hamilton .

According to Minister Hamilton, some 3,086 persons were trained under the programme last year and they are hoping they will be given the required resources this year to surpass this target.

"We want to train 5,700 persons the Ministry of Finance of course will determine that matter but I’m just putting the proposal that we have because BIT over the period the PPP civic took office has become visible"

He said

Further the Labour Minister said he is optimistic that more Guyanese will come forward to utilize the trainings this year while pointing out the importance of such.

“A one skill or one talent person cannot survive the world you have to be skill or multi-talented so that in the event one door is close you have skills to enter another door “

Minister Hamilton further reiterated his call to women to get more involved in the “technical fields”, because “of the money that is there”.

Currently the BIT programme is being offered in all 10 administrative regions and courses are being offered in areas of: garment construction, heavy equipment and machinery, engineering, information technology among others.

Persons who are interested in registering for the programme can uplift a registration form at the closest BIT office and then fill it out and submit.

Training and equipping Guyanese with skills and talents is another promise under the Irfaan Ali led administration.


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