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Kurupukari businessman found dead outside shop, labourer arrested

Crime sleuths have launched an investigation into the murder of businessman Johnny Ragubeer, whose body was discovered outside his shop at 33 Miles, Kurupukari, Upper Demerara River.

The incident is believed to have occurred between 21:30h on Monday night and 13:00h on Tuesday. MTV News Update understands that Ragubeer operated a shop where he sold groceries and alcoholic beverages.

Sukharona Roopnarine, known as ‘Cindy,’ a 25-year-old businesswoman who operates a “cookshop” about four hundred meters south of Ragubeer’s shop, told investigators that she closed her business and she and her two young sons visited Ragubeer.

Upon arrival, they found him drinking with a 25-year-old labourer. She added that she joined the men, and they all consumed alcohol. Later in the evening, the labourer left for his camp, and Ragubeer escorted Roopnarine and her children back to her shop before returning to his own.

The following day, the businessman’s body was discovered by a gold miner and two friends who were passing by on their way to Brazil. The Police were informed, and upon arrival, they observed wounds on Ragubeer’s throat, left ear, and upper back, along with blood stains near the body.

A plastic bag containing cannabis and a cell phone believed to belong to Ragubeer were found at the scene. The Police have arrested the 25-year-old labourer for questioning and are conducting further investigations. The cannabis found weighed 103.6 grams and has been seized as evidence, along with the cell phone.


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