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Jonas threatens court action if Gov't fails to do Coroner's inquest into Boston & Bacchus deaths

Chairman of the A New and United Guyana ( ANUG) Timothy Jonas says his party will head to the court if the Government fails to conduct a coroner’s inquest into the death of Orin Boston and Quindon Bacchus within the next two weeks.

Jonas who was speaking on a live stream on Facebook said he had written to the Attorney General demanding that a public coroner’s inquest be done into the death of Orin Boston who was fatally shot by a police officer back in January but he has not received an answer to date.

However, Jonas took fault for not following up on the Boston inquest. This time Jonas promises that things will be done a bit differently. Consequently he has decided to request the same investigation to be done into the death of Quindon Bacchus who was also fatally shot by a police officer.

Jonas said "If within the next two weeks we do not see and it is not published that steps are not taken to conduct a coroner's inquest into these deaths […] We will be taking steps in court, the Magistrate and the Government to conduct a public coroners inquest."

Coroners are independent judicial officers who investigate deaths reported to them.

They will make whatever inquiries are necessary to find out the cause of death.

This includes ordering a post-mortem examination, obtaining witness statements, and medical records, or holding an inquest.

In the meanwhile, the ANUG Chairman says he awaits a response from the Attorney General.

Importantly, President Irfaan Ali had said that the Police Complaints Authority is expected to submit a report which will outline the circumstances surrounding the death of Bacchus on Monday, July 4.

To this end, Jonas has also called for peace among the Indo and Afro Guyanese since he said he views last Tuesday’s protest as politically motivated.

The protest erupted after an online social media platform published an inaccurate post saying that the police officer under arrest for the death of Quindon has been released but the Guyana Police Force has since confirmed that this is not the case.


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