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Jobs at Ramps Logistics threatened after company denied local content certificate- CEO

Chief Executive Officer of Ramps Logistics Guyana Inc. Shaun Rampersad on Thursday expressed disappointment over the company's denial of a local content certificate.

The recently passed Local Content Act stipulates that a company that wishes to operate within the energy sector must be in possession of a local content certificate.

With Ramps Logistics- a company which has Trinidadian shares, now being denied this certificate, the CEO said that it threatens the livelihood of some 399 Guyanese currently employed there.

“We reached out to the secretariat within 30 minutes and ask can you please explain to us why you denied us our certificate and we got stone cold silence,” Rampersad said at a press conference on Thursday.

While he noted that the company will not be shutting down its operation in Guyana it will have to "trim down” its current staff capacity if the certificate is not given.

Furthermore, Rampersad made reference to two major projects that are in the pipelines. These projects are a new cargo airline and shipping line and can see approximately 500 persons gaining employment.

To this end, the company is asking for the local content secretariat to provide them with the grounds on which they have been denied the certificate since they believe that the company has met all the requirements.

"We have a lot of people in Guyana who depend on us and we feel proud of the business we have built. We are committed to working in Guyana, we are committed to invest in Guyana.”

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