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Jagdeo says he will have to ‘review’ how he engages with the public following ‘Su’ actions

Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo is known for having numerous engagements

with the public, but after the incident of Chinese businessman ‘Su’ using his

relationship with him to allegedly harness bribe from other businesses the

engagement strategy will have to be revised.

The Senior Government Official at his first press conference after the incident, told

reporters that Su’s action cause him to feel ‘vindicated.’

He said “it is very difficult to know what people say before they come to your

office because you may think innocently they set up a meeting with someone and

they have an agreement with the person or take money from them.”

As a consequence of this, he said that he will have to revise how he engage with

the public and businesses.

But the Vice President made it clear that in the past he would try to facilitate

investment from the Government level to help with the creation of job, building the

country’s economy and to assist citizens in cases they were taken advantage of.

In the meanwhile, the Vice President assured Guyanese that he will continue to

engage with them and seek solutions to their problems because that is the mandate

of his Government.


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