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Jadgeo says Norton’s "people centre philosophy" is "unbelievable"

Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo on Tuesday addressed Leader of the Opposition Aubrey Norton on developing a people-centred philosophy once the coalition assumes back office.

Mr Norton on Tuesday at the PNCR’s weekly press conference outlined several ways on how his party can improve the lives of all Guyanese.

He has committed that once his party is back in office they will work to reduce and hopefully end poverty in Guyana while ensuring that people are paid a living wage.

He also said that they economically empower women, young people, micro and small business owners and other self-employed persons among other vulnerable groups.

Vice President Dr.Bharrat Jagdeo

However, the Vice President defended his Government saying "how can you be people-centred and take away the $10,000 from the school children grant? it is now $25,000 can you be people-centred and increase two hundred taxes from vat on data, electricity, water on basic medicines this is unbelievable."

Speaking on the economic philosophy Jagdeo said "so suddenly he goes off to Linden and suddenly the Government is giving oil money to everybody but you’re not getting any money."

The VP made it known to the public that "we have not yet spent a cent of the oil money as yet we have passed a budget in which the oil resources will come to the budget but the transfer has not taken place as yet we haven’t spent a cent of the oil money as yet at this point."

Dr Jagdeo blasted Norton for not having a vision for "creating wealth, expanding the economy, generating employment."

The Vice President outlines that the PNCR leader focuses heavily on welfare while saying that he focuses heavily on "sharing out the oil money."

As such he raised the question to Mr Norton "what happens when the oil goes, now in the era of climate change and net-zero it would go faster than normal."

He said that Mr Norton is placing focus on things that would make his party look good politically.

He says the PNCR has no vision in terms of long term planning

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