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‘It’s a blessing from God’- Parents thankful for $100,000 cash grant

Parents who have children living with disabilities are grateful for the recently announced $100,000 cash grant for each child. The cash grant will be distributed annually and is being provided by the government.

President Irfaan Ali on Friday last announced the grant and since then parents of this vulnerable group have commended the initiative.

MTV News Update spoke to a 60-year-old grandmother and a 32-year-old mother on how this money will assist them in tending to their children living with a disability.

Ann Braithwaite, popularly known as ‘Miss Ann’ explained she has been using her pension money to provide for the needs of her 15 year old grandson, Jaden Husbands.

Ms. Ann.

Jaden was diagnosed with autism as an adolescent and ever since, it has been difficult mentally, physically, and financially for Ms. Ann.

“There are times when he can be difficult to control, he can act up. That is when I find it difficult for me but I am still forging ahead. He’s all that I have.”

Miss Ann said providing transportation and paying his school fees have taken a toll on her finances as she still has to provide for her medication since she’s a pensioner. “It has always been an upward battle, an ongoing battle but as I always said God is in charge, he steps in at the last moment when I think that I can’t do it, there he is showing an open door.”

According to her, she has always looked to the Lord to provide and this cash grant is a ‘blessing’ to her.

“Well my dear […] it’s a blessing from above and I thank the President for it and it will be used strictly for Jamal and I am thinking that when I’m done buying the necessary for what he has to get I would like to put the balance in the bank and leave it in case of sickness,” Miss Ann related.

Meanwhile, 32-year-old Rushell Edwards, a mother of seven year old Aiden John, a child who was diagnosed with autism at the age of five said it has also been difficult providing the necessary needs for her son.

Rushell Edwards and five year old Aiden.

According to her, the cash grant will assist in paying for her son’s school fees and provide food as he is a picky eater.

Edwards stated, “I think that’s a great initiative because right now cost of living generally on everybody is high but having a child with disability it’s even harder so I think that’s a great initiative at this time.”

MTV also spoke with a single mother who has a 13 year old with spinal stenosis. Avil Bisauth said it is really difficult as a single mother to attend to the needs of her son financially.

Avil Bisauth and thirteen-year-old Alex.

“It’s very hard to take care of a child with special needs and I must say thank you to the President for this automatic public assistance and the $100,000… It would do so much for these children.”


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