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"I'm torn apart, come forward and tell us where the body is."- Sister of missing accident victim

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Relatives along with several other persons gathered on Wednesday evening in Enmore to hold a vigil for 50 year Reonol Williams who disappeared for days following an accident.

On May 23, Reonol Williams, a construction worker of Enmore East Coast Demerara was struck down by a motor vehicle as he was exiting a taxi.

After the accident occured, a witness said the driver of the vehicle offered to take the victim to the hospital for medical treatment but he was never to be seen again.

50 year old Reonol Williams.

It has been 10 days since the accident and Silvie Williams, the sister of the missing man, told MTV News Update on Thursday that the search is still on for her brother.

“We’re still searching for him and I have not gotten any update from the police as yet, I’m looking to go to the police station today and see the commander but until now, I haven’t had any update from the police since Saturday."

The distraught sister said she along with her other relatives already searched the Georgetown Public Hospital’s mortuaries as well as private hospitals but still no sight of him or his body.

On the morning of the 23rd of May, my brother was struck down by a motor car…[and] I’m calling for whoever was behind the wheel to come forward, to tell me, to tell us where my brother’s body is. We want the body back.”

Williams said she is heartbroken and torn apart, "Put yourself in my place. I'm not accusing you by calling your name, but put yourself in my place. I want you to come forward. I'm calling on you to come forward and tell us where the body is."

The 50 year old construction worker is a father of two and is the ninth child of his parents. His sister described him as very jovial and hardworking and he was always willing to help.


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