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“I living in fear. I telling myself one day he go kill me”- Woman over being abused by ex-lover

A section of the woman's body that the man allegedly abused

Sheron Coddington of Jetty, Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara (WCD) is alleging that her ex-lover is harassing and threatening to kill her because she is in another relationship.

According to the woman, the man went to prison over the Bartica massacre and “since he come out about three year now, he realise that I have someone else and he would reach the bai (boy) , he beat the bai (boy), he bruk up two of the bai (boy) teeth and anywhere he see me he would do this. This is a constant thing this bai (boy) does do. One time he burn me, he chop me up, he stab me.”

As a result of her ex lover’s actions, the woman said she is “living in fear and just I come home, I telling myself I know that one of these day he go kill me.”

Sheron also related that she has made numerous reports to the Vreed-en-Hoop police station over the former lover’s abusive behaviour but “they does put it on deaf ear. He and them have a close relationship.”

She recounted that the man told her “I ain’t go get charge so walk and go to the station” when he found out that she was going to make another report this morning.

She said she was able to acquire a restraining order against him, but she still believes he will breach this and continue to harass her and her new gentleman friend.

To this end, the woman is calling for the police to take a more proactive approach towards her ex-lover actions, not only because of the fact that she is fearful for her life but also because she is worried that they might take a similar approach to other women in similar circumstances.

“They will do something when he kill somebody,” she related.

When contacted by MTV News Update, Region Three Commander Mahindra Siwnarine related that the police have taken note of the woman’s complaint but are awaiting the medical certificate from the hospital where her injuries were treated.

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