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I don’t blame the police for following me, they were following orders - Norton

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton says that he does not blame the young policemen who were allegedly following him from the house of Quindon Bacchus to his home on Monday.

Norton related that he understands that they were “following instructions” and is of the view that those orders were made by the “hierarchy of the police.”

In a video circulated on social media, Norton was seen confronting the two police officers who were riding on motorcycles. The Opposition Leader requested the young men stop following him but noted that request was never honoured.

But according to him, before that video was filmed, it was an entire van of police following him. He noted that he confronted those ranks, and they went away when it was observed that the motorcycles were still following him. He said that action was never an act of security.

When asked on whether he will be writing to the Guyana Police Force (GPF) on the matter Norton said “while I may write the Guyana Police Force I am not so sure that as a police state emerges, they have interest in anybody writing them. What they are seeking to do is to continue to violate people’s rights.”

He said that there are other options when it comes to addressing matters of this nature with the police force.

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