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“I am disappointed, but there is still time to do the right thing,” Althia King tells Dr. Kissoon

L-R: Dr. Asha Kissoon and ANUG's Althia King

Althia King, the elected representative of A New and United Guyana (ANUG), has expressed her disappointment in Dr. Asha Kissoon, whom she said she supported from “day one,” for refusing to relinquish her seat in Parliament.

“I understand that ambition can get in the way, personal and gender can get in the way. I am just disappointed that this had to be what it is right now. There is still time to do the right thing,” King said at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon at the Georgetown Club on Camp Street, Georgetown.

Following the March 2020 Elections, ANUG, The New Movement (TNM), which Dr. Kissoon heads, and the Liberty and Justice Party (LJP) joined forces to secure a seat in the National Assembly.

Lenox Shuman of the LJP occupied the seat for the first two and a half years and resigned, which paved the way for Dr. Kissoon, 34.

While Dr. Kissoon was expected to resign by November last, she tendered her resignation and rescinded it this year.

“Coming down to February, we were communicated then that the resignation was rescinded, so, of course, I am disappointed with someone who worked directly with Ms. Kissoon, someone who confided in her as a young person, a young woman who would be in politics,” King lamented.

Moreover, King, who was elected to replace the medical doctor, highlighted her past support for Dr. Kissoon and their collaborative work in parliamentary activities.


King revealed that there were plans for a meeting with Dr. Kissoon to discuss an extension of the position. However, this never materialised after the medical doctor fell ill.

“I have my obligation, even though I am deprived of my responsibility of my duties and obligations to represent that seat for my party for giving the voice to those that don’t have a voice, it is deprived, and it is sad and most of all it is very disappointing that it had to come to something like this.”

With her reputation besmirched, Dr. Kissoon has declined to comment on the issue.



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