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Hybrid Nursing Assistant programme to launch this month

Recent launch of Nursing Assistant Programme in Region Two (Photo: MOH)

In an effort to equip the human resource capacity within the health sector for the massive infrastructural development and expansion underway, Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony will launch the Hybrid Nursing Assistant programme this month.

“We are going to launch this new registered nursing programme, and we’re hoping to recruit at least 1000 persons who would be interested in nursing. You would basically go online," the Health Minister said.

He added, “There will be a welcoming page. You register yourself, and we’ll check to make sure that you meet the requirements, and then you’ll have different modules that will open up.”

The Minister believes this initiative will help minimise the current shortage of health personnel. As it is, there are 250 registered nurses within the public sector.

Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony (Photo: MOH)

There are three public nursing schools at Linden, Georgetown, New Amsterdam, and a private training facility at St Joseph’s Mercy Hospital. At the same time, the University of Guyana offers a degree programme.

Minister Anthony said the new hybrid programme will include an innovative simulation component.

“Once you complete the module, you’ll have to do the practical component of it. During the year, we’ll be developing several simulation centres where the persons who have completed their theory will now be able to come in and do their practical components."

The current nursing assistant programme is active in Regions One, Two, Four, and Nine and will be expanded this year as well.

There are plans to introduce more specialised courses in areas such as surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, critical care nursing, and ICU nursing, among others. This is expected to be done through partnerships with several international universities that offer world-class training.


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