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Human Services willing to offer more than $100k cash grant to child who was allegedly denied grant

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud says her Ministry is willing to offer assistance in any other way it can to the child in Region Six who was allegedly denied the $100k special needs cash grant.

On Tuesday last a post circulated on social media, alleging that a child in Region Six was denied the $100k special needs cash grant even though he was entitled. Minister Persaud said her Ministry has taken note of such allegation, which were not true and assured that within one month the child will receive his grant- during the second phase distribution.

While this one-off cash grant will in some way help, Minister Persaud said her team is willing to help even more.

“That child from the picture has an obvious disability. We have been trying our best to have some contact information for that parent so that we can get to that child […] We will not only help with the $100,000 cash grant , we will also visit the home and see if any other help is required,” Minister Persaud said on the Guyana Dialogue while addressing the issue.

If anyone has a contact number for the parent of the child, they are being encouraged to contact the Ministry and provide the information.

Meanwhile, Dr. Persaud assured that anyone 18 and below and has a permanent disability will receive the grant. From this exercise over 5000 persons are expected to benefit.

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