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Housing Ministry to commence consultations for Hinterland Housing Programme

More housing opportunities in hinterland regions will be available as the Ministry of Housing and Water aims to restart the ‘Hinterland Housing Programme.” This is according to Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal during an exclusive interview with News Update.

Minister of Housing & Water, Collin Croal.

According to the Minister, the Central Housing & Planning Authority will be engaging leaders in these hinterland communities very shortly, to ensure inclusion in the planning stage of the programme.

This is in keeping with the Government’s policy of ensuring hinterland communities benefit from the same services as those on the coastland.

“It’s consultations because it’s done in collaboration with the communities…in terms of consultations within the various regions, the four main regions that we’ll start with Regions One, Seven, Eight and Nine.”

The Hinterland Housing Programme will be rolled out in Regions One, Seven, Eight and Nine and at least 100 houses will be constructed for persons living in these communities.

Minister Croal said communities that have already been earmarked will be revealed at the launching of the programme soon. “We’ve already have an outline of the areas that we want to commence work and so that is gonna be commencing very shortly.”


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