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Housing Ministry commits to transparency in cement and steel distribution

President Irfaan Ali recently announced that the Government will be providing cement and steel to some categories of home builders and while many have raised concerns that this distribution will not be done in a transparent matter, Housing Minister Collin Croal has assured that this will not be the case.

The Minister at the closing press conference of the five day International Building Expo said that the Ministry is working on a programme which will clearly outline how homebuilders will benefit from this initiative.

“One can expect within a week time you will hear the public announcement as to how it will work. It will be implemented through CHPA and we will provide all the information to you […] We have all the information but we want to make sure when we present the information in a transparently with as much information as possible,” he assured.

His statement was also backed up with support from the CEO of the CH&PA Sherwyn Greaves who took note of some concerns raised on the issue of corruption.

“I noticed someone wrote in the paper it’s a recipe for corruption but when you see the modality it will be very clear and transparent of how we are doing it,” he said.

For homes that cost $6m or less to construct, builders will get the steel needed for the construction and a sling of cement while homes that cost $6m but do not exceed 25m builders will be given two slings of cement.

This forms part of the Government’s support to the construction sector.

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