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House Speaker still to receive a response from Granger on nominees for MPs position

-Says he is ready to fill positions by the next sitting

Hon. Manzoor Nadir, Speaker of the National Assembly

Two vacant seats are existing within the APNU+AFC coalition for Members of Parliament (MPs) and according to Speaker of the National Assembly Manzoor Nadir, he is yet to receive a response from the Head of the Opposition Top-Up list, Former President David Granger.

Mr Nadir made it clear that the timeline taken by the party to comply with this process is not his concern. However, he is prepared to swear in the new MPs by the next sitting once he receives the names.

“I haven’t received back anything from the representatives of the list. In terms of how long it takes or how short it takes, that's not our business. Our business is once the seat becomes vacant then we send it to the representative of the list and it is clear that people don’t resign to GECOM if you are in Parliament then you resign to the Speaker of the House.”

However, on Monday when Nadir spoke to reporters he was unable to confirm when the next sitting of the National Assembly will be held.

The speaker last week had written to Mr Granger indicating that he needs to submit the names of the representatives and it was revealed on Friday last that PNCR leader Aubrey Norton and AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan will meet to consult on the nominees.

David Granger, Former President and Head of the Opposition Top-Up list

The positions for the two seats became vacant following Former Education Minister, Nicolette Henry’s resignation from the National Assembly in early February and Former Director of the Ministry of President Joseph Harmon’s in March.

Reports suggest that Aubrey Norton and Volda Lawrence will be heading to Parliament to fill these seats. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

Mr Nadir explained that when it comes to the appointment of a new MP there is a process.

With the Speaker having written Mr Granger, it is now up to the Former President to inform GECOM of the chosen representatives.

The commission will then determine whether these persons can be elected and indicate that to the Head of the list (Mr Granger) who then corresponds with the speaker. The nominee is then sworn in by the Speaker.

The speaker will then hold a meeting with all the opposition MPs for them to determine who will be the next opposition leader. Aubrey Norton is expected to take this seat.


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