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House collapses, trapping elderly couple

An elderly couple from No. 64 Village on the Corentyne is pleading for the public to assist them in rebuilding their home which collapsed at midnight trapping both of them inside.

Luckily, neighbours who heard when the building collapsed, rushed to their rescue and were able to pull the elderly man who has been identified as 61-year-old, Nathul Madray, and his wife, Parbattie Budhoo from the old wooden structure.

Speaking with MTV News Update, a neighbour, Tathree Bridglall said she was in bed and at about 23:45 hours, she heard a loud noise, followed by screams. She disclosed that she and her husband immediately rushed out of their home to render assistance to the elderly couple after realising that their home collapsed.

“So I told my husband to come run go sometime the house fall top them so when me and my husband and pickney run out now we just assist them, we go in the front door, my son jump in through the window and he check and pick up the man from underneath the bed and when we certain that nothing wrong with them we deh there till like something after 3:00 then we left and gone”

Tathree Bridglall- Neighbour who offered assistance to trapped couple
Tathree Bridglall- Neighbour who offered assistance to trapped couple

The couple’s children are all grown and are living overseas.

Budhoo told reporters at her home that she is open to accepting any assistance persons are willing to contribute to assist them in getting back on their feet. She is currently employed as a cleaner who works $1000 per day for three days per week and is tasked with taking care of her husband who cannot work because of an illness.

Anyone willing to offer assistance can make contact with the neighbour on telephone number 338 2795 or 6582899.


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