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Health Ministry struggling to get people vaccinated now – Dr Anthony

Although the Government had removed almost all of the COVID-19 restrictions, persons were encouraged to get vaccinated against the coronavirus to prevent them from contracting the severe form of COVID-19.

However, Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony on Monday said the ministry continues to record a decline in the number of persons coming to get vaccinated.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony.

Dr Anthony in a recent COVID update explained that this was observed ever since the Government removed the COVID restriction.

During the last 24 hours, 85.5% of the adult population received a first dose of the vaccine while 65.7% have been fully vaccinated.

“So right now, it’s a big struggle to get people vaccinated.”

The Health Minister emphasised that the only way to be protected from the severe form of COVID is by getting vaccinated.

“You’re not gonna be protected if you don’t get vaccinated so I just want to keep repeating that point.”

Meanwhile, the health official is reminding Guyanese that if a person is asymptomatic, that does not mean the virus cannot be transmitted to another person.

He is urging persons to ensure they practise precautionary measures to avoid being infected.

“So if they come into contact with someone, they can infect that person, so asymptomatic people do transmit the virus.

There are 85 active covid cases in Guyana. Eleven patients are hospitalised with 4 of these patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

One new COVID case has been detected over the past 24 hours.


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