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Health Minister says relevant precautions will be taken

-Should COVID-19 cases rise amid the announcement of the removal of some of its public health measures.

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony says that the reduction in cases has prompted the decision to remove some COVID 19 measures. However, he posited that “if we notice that things are going up (the cases) then we will have to take the relevant precautions .”

He explained, “this will take the form of both public health measures and other measures that are necessary.”

Hon.Dr Frank Anthony

Among the relaxed COVID-19 restrictions announced on Monday night, was that mask-wearing is no longer mandatory, persons accessing public spaces are no longer required to produce proof of vaccination.

Additionally, the COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings and social have also been removed.

However, Dr Anthony maintains that “if workplaces want to keep masking; if workplaces would want to have a vaccination policy in place, they should. We are not telling people not to have these things.”

The Health Minister is reminding persons that there are still active cases of COVID-19 and has since encouraged them to wear a face mask in high-risk areas and to also get vaccinated.

He also assured that “we have the capacity in our hospitals in case people get sick and we will continue to open those capacity to make sure that if anyone is sick that we can provide treatment.”

It has been almost two years since Guyana recorded its first cases of the COVID-19 virus. During this period, the country has been operating with restrictions in place both locally and for International travel.

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