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GYMMAF targets 200 athletes for new Youth Programme

Mr. Mohamed poses with representatives and athletes of the GYMMAF

The Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Federation (GYMMAF) is expected to launch a youth programme soon to train athletes in physical and academic pursuits.

In June, the GYMMAF, through support from Nazar ‘Shell’ Mohamed, launched an Academy Training Centre with the Guyana Police Force to educate officers on theoretical applications of martial arts to foster less violent encounters through disciplinary training.

Gavin Singh, President of the Federation, said they plan to expand this into a Youth Programme with the aim of launching with 200 young MMA fighters.

“We’re currently developing a youth programme that will be focused both on the physical training of the youth. Also, we’re looking to have academic and medical training as well.”

While further details on this will be announced when they are ready to launch the programme, Singh noted that this initiative is crucial in building well-rounded athletes.

“We’re going to have some coaches coming in from overseas. We’re also going to have doctors and medical personnel to also share. One of those things we want all young people to be equipped with is first aid. Also, simple business skills and trade.”

This occurred on Thursday when the MMA team that competed in the IMMAF Pan American Championship paid a courtesy visit to thank Mr. Mohamed for supporting them in getting to the event.

Mohamed also shared some words of encouragement with the young athletes.

“You have to be determined. You can achieve almost anything, but determination is the key factor. You have to be determined; you have to be there, you have to practice. You have to show complete determination to whatever you’re doing. This is how people succeed.

“You don’t go at something, and then it doesn’t work, and you just quit. Determination is the most important factor toward success not only in sport but in every other discipline.”


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