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GYMMAF rue lack of experience for lost opportunities at Pan Am Championships

Silver medallist Shenese Bobb squares off against her opponent (Photo: IMMAF)

The Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Federation (GYMMAF) has cited a lack of familiarity with International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) rules and protocols as the reason for confusion over what transpired in some matches.

Guyana’s first time participating in the IMMAF Pan American Championships was marred by issues of illegal moves and controversial disqualifications.

GYMMAF President Gavin Singh noted that most of these issues were intensified by Guyana’s contingent’s lack of knowledge in IMMAF proceedings.

“The lack of experience and exposure and familiarity of the IMMAF protocols is the disadvantage and that is why exposure to these events now allow us to be more familiar and guarded and prepared, in order to perform much better at these events.”

Shenese Bobb was disappointed to say the least at what transpired in her bout at the IMMAF Pan Am Championships.

Shenese Bobb

“If you notice, I had a competitor that is a grappler. If persons look at the fight, you will see me in the corner all the time to the cage. Now that was one of the things that my coach tell me; keep this girl in your corner.”

“So merely I brace there, and I was avoiding not to get a take down as everybody can see that she was hustling for the ground. At one point in time I do end up on the ground yes but she get a kick in she face and she back off. And, the girl wasn’t beating me cause I win the first round.”

Bobb was fighting in the Women’s Heavyweight finals against Mexican Samantha Teutle in a match refereed by Mexican Sergio Moreno.

She was exasperated after a frustrating match where she could not understand anything that was said to her by the referee, who spoke exclusively in Spanish. Bobb noted that she was confused when the match was suddenly stopped in the second round and her opponent was declared the winner.

According to the GYMMAF, the representative on ground made an immediate call to the head of the referee and was given a reply that wasn’t comforting to the Guyanese contingent. However, to calm the situation; the representative sought further clarity from the authorities there and was told the same result.

This was when Bobb decided to settle for silver.

Prior to Bobb’s bout, the Federation appealed the result of Trevlon Clarke’s bout where they say he was poked in the eyes by his opponent, Cristian Sanchez of Uruguay.

Despite the GYMMAF appealing this illegal move and requesting a review, Sanchez was declared winner of the match.

“The matter should have been reported immediately after it was executed in the Octagon. All of the athletes were briefed accordingly on this. So Clarke did not report it immediately. We did try in terms of the review but the time that would have passed would have actually lapsed,” Singh said.

Singh added that despite the issues athletes encountered in Mexico, he is still satisfied with the outcome of the tournament with Guyana earning two silver medals from Carl Ramsey and Shenese Bobb. These are Guyana’s first-ever IMMAF medals in only our second outing.

Guyana finished sixth in the medal standing at the end of the event. Host nation Mexico topped the medal table with six Gold, six Silver and 11 Bronze. USA was second with five Gold, one Silver and three Bronze, Brazil third with four gold, Trinidad and Tobago fourth with one Gold, one Silver and two Bronze and Columbia fifth with three Silver and three Bronze.


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