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GYMMAF protesting Trevlon Clarke’s defeat at Pan Am championships

MMA team (Photo: Rawle Toney)

The Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Federation (GYMMAF) has believes that Trevlon Clarke was illegally defeated at the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation’s (IMMAF) Pan American Championships after he was poked in the eyes and subsequently rushed to the hospital.

The GYMMAF says that Trevlon Clarke was poked in the eyes during the second round of his TKO defeat to Uruguay’s Cristian Sanchez. According to IMMAF rules, this is an illegal move.

After the fight, Clarke was escorted to a nearby hospital in Monterrey for treatment to his left eye where he was last reported to be stable.

In the Men’s Welterweight Division, Clarke had his fight stopped in the final round against Sanchez when the bout was ruled a TKO. At this time, Clarke was leading on the judges’ scorecards.

Clarke is currently receiving treatment to his left eye.

Both Clarke and Sanchez were cut over their eyes at the end of the second round and had to be treated by ringside cut men.

Round three saw Sanchez maintain a relentless attack against the Guyanese.

The remainder of Guyana’s contingent for the event consists of Carl Ramsey, and the lone female, Shenese Bobb.

Bobb will compete in the finals of the Women’s lightweight division. She was initially slated to compete in the semi-finals against Ivana Garcia, but the Mexican did not make the weight class. She will now compete in the gold medal bout in tomorrow’s finals.

Ramsey is assured of a medal as he prepares for his semi-final bout in the heavyweight category against Juan Rodriguez of Mexico.

The fourth member of the contingent Ijaz Cave, was not cleared by IMMAF officials upon his arrival in Mexico, following his ‘TKO’ defeat to Sweden’s Robin Enontekio in quarterfinals of Men’s Light Heavyweight division at the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Jiu-Jitsu Arena in January and was therefore unable to compete.

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