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GWI looking to cut down costs with the development of surface water sources

The Guyana Water Incorporated has embarked on a comprehensive study on possible viable sources of water in Regions Three, Seven and 10 with the goal of delivering potable water to citizens.

Chief Executive Officer of GWI Shaik Baksh during a recent press conference said these sources could possibly reduce the costs associated with treating water.

These studies are being conducted at the East Demerara Water Conservancy, Boerasirie Creek in Region 3, Dakoura Creek in Region 10 and in Bartica, Region 7.

Chief Executive Officer of GWI, Shaik Baskh

“At Bartica, there’s a five mile stream there, a source of water. We have already been partnering with hydro met to see if it can develop as a viable source of water over the next two years or so, and to reduce the reliance on the polluted water coming through the Mazaruni River which has to be treated at a great cost," he said.

Once the Dakoura Creek has been developed, it will supply water to residents of Wisroc and other surrounding areas.

“We have embarked on a study of that source already, very good water supply, minimum treatment of that water at the Dakoura Creek….so only chlorination is required, so it reduces our operations cost for chemicals and electricity also [...] therefore we’re looking at a project there,” Baskh explained.

The study will move forward within the following year to see whether it is feasible to go ahead with the development of this project.


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