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GUYSUCO says only supplying supermarkets, manufacturers, and bakeries with sugar

-In light of consumer concerns over shortage


The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GUYSUCO) has issued a notice declaring that “there is no sugar shortage.”

The sugar company made this statement in light of concerns raised by citizens that there may be a shortage since they have not been able to locate this essential commodity in the market. However, once found the price is usually high.

“GuySuco wished to advise the general public that there is no shortage for sugar for Supermarkets, Manufacturers and Bakeries. These businesses can contact the Marketing Department at La Bonne Intention (LBI) directly on Telephone # 220-2891,” the sugar company said.

According to the notice, the current cost for a 50kg or 110lb bag of sugar is $9,900.

Over the past months concerns have been raised also on the shortage and high cost of flour. But NAMILCO had said that it did not raise its price and warned retailers to not do so until there is a reason to do so.


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