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GUYSUCO assures there is no sugar shortage as they stockpile sugar to meet high demand in Christmas

GUYSUCO’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sasenarine Singh

As concerns continue to climb about a possible sugar shortage, the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuco) is assuring Guyanese that there is enough sugar to meet the local demand.

And in the Christmas season, when the demand is high, the sugar producer plans to stockpile this essential commodity to meet the market needs. This was revealed by GUYSUCO’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sasenarine Singh.

Singh told MTV News Update that “Come for Christmas, and I am telling the public this, we’re gonna be put a siding 50,000 bags of sugar to put in our bond to service the Christmas market,” he said.

He explained that the logic behind this decision is because “Christmas time is rain time again, so when rain is falling, we will have 50,000 bags put aside to make sure that we have a good Christmas.”

During the rainy season, the conditions are not favourable to plant sugarcane.

However, the CEO further assured that some 40,000 metric tonnes of sugar would be produced for the remainder of this year, and Guyanese will be the first choice when it comes to getting sugar.

In the meantime, bakeries, supermarkets, manufacturers, and bakeries who desire sugar can contact the Marketing Department at La Bonne Intention (LBI) directly on Telephone # 220-2891.

Editor’s note: GUYSUCO announced on Friday that packaged sugar is available at Matthai’s Supermarket.


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