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Guyanese urged to be cooperative as 2022 National Population Census launched

Census Day is set for September 15 and all citizens are urged to cooperate with the enumerators who are scheduled to visit every household and building across the country. The 2022 National Population and Housing Census 2022 was launched on Wednesday at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre. During the launch, President Irfaan Ali said the results from the census will help the government identify new gaps in the society that will require specific intervention in terms of social services.

He noted too that the data will guide how the government comes up with migration policies as the government eyes importing labour. “Data driven decision making is important, so important, so that we arrive at the best decision in the interest of people […] linking development with people, that is what the census allows us to do.”

This census will see a complete count of the population, which is conducted every 10 years and provides detailed data on population size, age structure, educational attainment, labour force, housing, and many other socio-economic characteristics. Meanwhile, Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance Dr Ashni Singh urged citizens to cooperate with the enumerators during the 8-week long process. “I urge my Guyanese brothers and sisters to participate and cooperate fully in the census, this is not an intrusive exercise [...]. The census is intended to gather in a quick snapshot, a comprehensive picture of the state of play in Guyana across the entire country.” “I appeal to you, to cooperate fully so that we can get as comprehensive a picture as possible, so that we, your government under the leadership of the President can make the best informed policies aimed at meeting the needs that are most important to you.”

A questionnaire relating to food security would be incorporated in this year’s census as Guyana leads the Caribbean region in achieving food security.

Information gathering will be done electronically for the first time and all persons in Guyana are being encouraged to fully participate by providing accurate information to the enumerators.


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