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Guyanese majority-owned oil & gas company providing training to promote local content

Caribbean Subsea Specialist Inc.-a majority-owned Guyanese company operating in the oil and gas sector, officially launched its operations in Guyana on Thursday evening.

The company’s major shareholder is Beharry Group of Companies. The companies in the past have had fruitful working relationships, which resulted in the formation of this partnership.

Some of their other shareholders include RCI Energy Group and Subsea and Seatronics. The company and its partners have a wide array of knowledge in oil and gas, and Guyana is relatively new to this sector. They can provide locals with training in most areas, thus promoting local content.

This is according to the Operations Coordinator of Caribbean Subsea Specialist Inc., Dylan Galt. One of the major areas the company is eyeing to provide training in is diving.

“We are planning to get training down here for local divers to get them all up to the industry best practice and international standard so that they can work in the oil and gas industry and be ready to go at any point,” Galt noted.

The company also provides training in areas including logistics, ROVs, and fabrication.

He assured “our team will go above and beyond to make sure you guys get what you need as fast as possible, as efficient as possible…We are fighting to build the local skill labour.”

Galt highlighted that there are “thirteen guys[employees] so far,” but the goal is to increase this capacity as time evolves.

Currently, Caribbean Subsea and Specialist Inc. do not have a fixed location for their office, but they are hoping to acquire an office space soon.

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