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Guyana to meet with Surinamese authorities to resolve fishing licence issue - President

Guyana’s Foreign Affairs Minister Hugh Todd is expected to attend a high-level meeting with Suriname’s Foreign Minister in two weeks to resolve the non-issuance of fishing licences to Guyanese fisherfolk.

The Government on Monday urged the Surinamese Government not to renege in its commitment and to make known the current position of the issuance of fishing licences.

President Dr Irfaan Ali during the sidelines of an event on Wednesday told media operatives that both parties have agreed to meet at a high-level meeting that is expected to be held in the next two weeks.

“There are some concerns from their side, we have made our case very clear, they’ve given all the data so I'm pleased at the efforts that were made in the last 24 hours to address the immediate concerns in terms of the vessels that were kept there.”

President Ali explained the private sector in Suriname had raised concerns in terms of the rental of licences.

“I called key members of the Surinamese private sector, myself, to let them understand that we treat everyone equally here, we give everyone an opportunity here and they should ensure that similar treatment is accorded to Guyanese.”

According to the Head of State, there are other options to resolve this issue, since Guyana is a CARICOM member state; however, the government would not explore them at this time.

At the last meeting of President Ali and President Santokhi in Georgetown, it was agreed that by January 1, 2022, arrangements would have been put in place to facilitate the issuance of the 150 SK licences to Guyanese fishermen.

However, the government has not been advised on the status of the issuances of the licences.


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