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Guyana observes Regional Week for Climate Action in the Caribbean

Guyana and countries across the Caribbean will be hosting a number of activities in observance of the Caribbean Climate Network’s Action for Adaptation Regional Week for Climate Action.

The Caribbean Climate Network is a network of people from across the Caribbean who are working together to push for actions that protect our communities against the impacts of the climate crisis.

The Regional Week for Climate Action is the Network’s way of mobilising regional activists towards the goal of raising awareness of the climate crisis and calling on our leaders to take the necessary measures that will protect our lives against climate change.

This is based on the premise that we have the tools necessary for climate action, and all that is needed now is the political will to adapt the necessary initiatives.

The Network also aims to call attention to the most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, which provides the needed information to bring urgency and motivation to Caribbean governments to take adequate action around adaptation.

Recognising that in the face of climate change, more people are concerned about the effects they already see in their daily lives, the Guyana Youth and Environment Network (GYEN) is hosting a Youth Symposium organised by Dionne Barnwell.

At the Youth Symposium, attendees will learn about the effects of climate change on Guyana and our adaptation efforts thus far, and how we can improve on these.

The spotlight event will be the second book launch and youth symposium. The storybook titled ‘The Sprouts and The Drought’ will capture ‘The importance of Groundwater in the face of a drought, while also shining light on renewable energy.’

The storybook is being funded and supported by The Ministry of Natural Resources & the United Nations Guyana.

This is a sequel to the first children’s book - The Sprouts and the Mystery of the Flood. This book addressed the connection between Climate Change and Health and was developed in observance of World Environmental Health Day 2021.

The Breadfruit Collective is an NGO, which aims to build awareness and work at the intersection of gender, and environmental justice will host a Picnic, Gyaff and Mindfulness session organised by Christine Samwaroo.

This event will foster discussions to raise awareness of climate impacts. It is premised on the notion that we live in a time of eco-anxiety where the community is needed to heal and support. Persons are invited on October 11 at the Botanical Gardens to share perspectives, hopes, and ideas to ignite change.


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